Edward Wilkinson




I have over fifteen years of relevant technical and managerial experience managing the network operations center, the company's intranet / Internet site and support for internal and external clients. I am experienced with Windows NT/2000, HTML, IIS, routing, firewalls, switches, hubs, servers, backup systems, and remote location support. I have had up to 8 technicians working under my direct supervision both on site and off.  I have developed my problem solving and analytical skills and now have the ability to handle diverse issues with multiple tasks simultaneously.


Starting as a pc support technician, I was promoted to the NOC, technical support, telecom manager within 2 years.  I managed the companies Network Operations Center consisting of 47 servers with varying makes and models.  The operating systems varied from Windows NT, Server 2000 and  2003 to Novell 3x and 4x as well Linux.  I was also responsible for a team of 8 technicians located throughout the United States that provided support to internal and external clients in a 24/7/365 environment.  I reported directly to the CTO providing strategic projections for technical projects and directives.


After four acquisitions, I still remain in the infrastructure group as a network analyst with responsibilities including, but not limited to, monitoring of systems, configuration of firewalls, edge routers, switching equipment and implementing business to business VPN precluding the need for costly frame connections used in the past.


Network Administration

·         Configure, troubleshoot and maintain LAN/WAN network hardware using various Cisco routers/switches/firewalls

·         Responsible for configuration changes on company firewalls including PIX 515e and ASA 5500 series appliances

·         Installed and maintain the company’s WiFi solution utilizing the Cisco 5508 devices across four remote facilities using secure/guest/BYOD configurations

·         Monitor daily activity using Nagios, MRTG, and Sitescope

·         Responsible for resolving infrastructure tickets via company’s Remedy ticketing system and SME for the group

·         Responsible for company’s B2B and private VPN solutions using Cisco 3030/3060s and ASA5510/20/30/60s

·         Installed configured multiple LAN-to-LAN connections to remote sites eliminating need for frame connections

·         Troubleshoot end user network/VPN problems

·         Resolve hardware related network communication problems

·         Installation/configuration/maintenance of network backups via Veritas software and StorageTek robotic hardware as well as TFTP for Cisco routers

·         Provided local / remote network / workstation support

·         Managed a Nationwide team of technicians

·         Managed 500 remote users, 100+ in-house staff, 50+ client systems

·         Microsoft Windows workstation / server proficient

·         Basic Linux/Unix and Apple iOS functionality                


Jan 1999 – Present                                                                                         MModal                                                                                                                    Atlanta, GA

Network Administrator / Technical Support Manager / NOC Center Manager / Network Analyst



1987 – 1992                                                                                         State University of West Georgia                                                                                      Carrollton, GA

·         B. A., Business Administration

1999 - 2000                                                                                          Clayton College and State University                                                                              Jonesboro, GA

·         Network Technology Certificate

·         Studies geared towards MCSE/CCNA